Hotel Fewa Pokhara-Introduction

Before there was a motorable road to Pokhara. When Baidam (now Lakeside) was just a farming village. Hotel Fewa was built among some ancient trees on the shore of Lake Fewa. The year was 1972. Stone and timber were ferried across the lake. Other materials such as cement. Steel and glass came to Pokhara on porter's backs. 

The Gurung family has chosen this location to build and operate Hotel Fewa in 1972. When there were only 3 or 4 hotels on the whole Lakeside for tourist right stay. 

Mr. Mike Frame (Michael Warren Frame) who worked for peace corps USA in Nepal was a regular guest in our hotel on his holidays from 1985. Later in 1997 Mr. mike took over the management of this hotel and opened Mike’s restaurant at Hotel Fewa with the permission from Gurung family. Since Mike passed away in 2007 his Nepali business partners could not go smoothly with the business. Recently from September 2017 the youngest son of Gurung Family, Mr. Ashok Gurung took over the management of Hotel Fewa and Mike’s Old kitchen (slightly changed the name and food menu remains unchanged). However new management has already improved the food quality and services. Rooms renovation is going to complete in the next two or three months to make sure we take care of our valuable guests. 

Hotel Fewa has attracted a wide range of travelers over the years. Its location has allowed it to avoid much of the development that has changed Pokhara. It remains a quiet place with the best view of Lake Fewa although it is just a few minutes' walks from a busy shopping area. 

In front of these rooms is some tree-shaded garden with a stoned walk away path at the edge of Lake Fewa. A quiet place to sit and read or watch the people the boats coming and going and the magnificent sunsets. 

The hotel has its own boating service double-decker solar boat with B-B-Q services. Paddleboat and rowing boat with reasonable rates. 

After the management changed, Surya Gamal appointed as an In-charge of hotel Fewa and Mike’s Old kitchen to take care of all guests and staff. Surya has formerly worked with Mike’s Breakfast for more than 20 years. 

Services And Facilities
Some Special Features of Hotel Fewa : 
A wide screened veranda in front of the rooms in the main building with a grand view of the lake. 
An emergency electrical system with one light in each room and lights in the dining and outside areas. This system kicks in automatically whenever the regular power supply fails. 
Attached bathrooms with shower stalls and curtains. 
Ceiling or wall fans in each room. 
Solar hot water with back up electric heater. 
For your peace of mind no TV or telephone in the room. 
Easy access to the lake for boating or swimming. 
A friendly staff to help you with travel arrangements or special needs. 
Mike’s Old Kitchen – A find American style garden restaurant at your doorstep with.

Reports From Around The World 
“Minnesota a home cooking reaches new heights” – The Minneapolis Star- Tribune 
“A fashionably eccentric garden restaurant in Kathmandu, Nepal” – The New York Times. 
“The place I truly like is Mike’s breakfast-Mike offers a huge breakfast. Limitless coffee.”

Hotel Fewa Pokhara-Introduction

Before there was a motorable road to Pokhara. When Baidam (now Lakeside) was just a farming village. Hotel Fewa was built among some ancien...